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Question about converting video's

Hi, I have a question.
So I'm getting NAS for home use, it's going to be used for cloud storage, (photos, videos, documents), and for streaming movies.
I need to decide between ds720+ and ds723+.
Problem starts at me not having experience with it so I don't know is 6Gb of RAM enough for my maximum capacity of 10Tb in RAID. (I mean 10Tb each drive)

Ds723+ can upgrade to 32Gb of RAM but it doesn't have GPU.

Next thing that bothering me is, if I have sorted 4k video and want to watch it on 4k tv/laptop dose it need to convert that video? (I think it doesn't unless tv/laptop don't support 4k)

Also if I have FHD video and want to stream it on FHD pc, it should run normally without converting, right?
So if I think correct ds720+ with GPU is better for converting video's if needed, but is 6Gb of RAM really enough?
Hi! The DS720+ and DS723+ are both good options for home use, and both should be able to handle your storage and streaming needs. In terms of RAM, 6GB should be enough for most home users, but if you plan to do more intensive tasks like running multiple virtual machines or running a lot of applications simultaneously, you may benefit from upgrading to the 32GB RAM option on the DS723+.

Regarding video playback, if you have 4K video and your TV/laptop supports 4K, then the NAS should be able to stream the video without converting it. Similarly, if you have FHD video and your PC supports FHD, then the video should play without issues. However, if you have a lower-resolution video and want to play it on a higher-resolution device, the NAS may need to convert the video to the higher resolution. In this case, the DS720+ with a GPU may be better for converting videos as it can offload the processing from the main CPU.

Overall, both the DS720+ and DS723+ should be able to handle your needs. If you need more RAM for intensive tasks, go for the DS723+. If you think you'll be doing a lot of video conversion, the DS720+ with a GPU may be the better option.

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