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Migrating to New NAS

I have a DS920 and DS1515+ on my personal home network, the DS1515+ is offsite. Due do several issues with power failures (on and off switch ?). I want to migrate the existing DS1515+ data to the new DS1522+ . My question is what options do I have to avoid any preventable problems considering the fact that I’m a novice. I have approximately a total of just 1 TB of data now to transfer.

1. Backup the data from the DS920+ to the new DS1522+(with new drives). All data ( laptop, pc and ipad) was backed up to the DS1515+ when the system was set up.

2. Migrate the drives to the the new NAS and use the 920 for the off site backup.

3. Am I missing the obvious?

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks,
Wm. Long
Hello William,
Thank you for your support, this keeps us going.

There are few options to migrate your data. The easiest is to simply move drives to a new NAS. That is the simplest option. But if you have new drives, you will need to either copy data manually or use Migration Assistant app on your NAS
Some people prefer copying data to a USB drive and then transfer them to the new NAS (via USB again). So often USB (5Gbit/s) is faster then regular LAN (1Gbit/s). Migration Assistant is much simpler, though.

If you have data on two different NAS systems, you may as well use Hyper backup option for one of them

If you want to change file system and RAID type, USB copy will probably be the fastest option.

I hope this helps.

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