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I am wanting to invest in an emulator system, which will require 34-40TB of disk space, and to have a local hard drive letter D: in order to install and maintain the games. Having a NAS from someone like Synology obviously will not work, as it would behave as mapped instead of physical drive.

I have a USB-C port on the back of my NVidia graphics card which I could utilize for connection, but I do not have the Thunderbolt 3 that I see in various DAS configurations.

Any ideas on a good manufacturer, and maybe few brands I should be aiming towards? In the past I have settled for a Drobo, which I guess would be fine for just storage without a lot of additional features. This might be okay, but wanted to bounce it off of you for advice, as this is much more of your cup of tea.
You can connect a NAS to be seen as a physical internal disk. There is a function called iSCSI. This will trick your Windows or other operating-system thinking that it has a new internal drive attached. You can in fact add additional iSCSI disks if you need to. Remember that only one user can see the drive and store data on it. So if you have several computers- create several iSCSI disks.Here is how: hope this helps.

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