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I thought i had everything figured out on my home NAS until I tried to figure out which drives to use. Do Ineed to use the WD red Plus/seagate Ironwolf pro vs the WD Red/Ironwolf. Am I ok using Ironwolf vs the ironWolf Pro? will I see a difference for regular file storage? Reliability?
Thanks for any insight!
Hi Nick,
NASCompares have some great youtube videos here are some link that I think will answer your questions Smile
When it comes to choosing hard drives for a NAS, there are a few things to consider, such as capacity, performance, and reliability.

In general, WD Red and Seagate IronWolf are both good choices for NAS drives, as they are designed to operate 24/7 and have features such as vibration reduction, error recovery control, and RAID optimization. The main difference between the regular and the "Plus"/"Pro" versions is the warranty and the workload rating.

The "Plus"/"Pro" versions are typically rated for a higher workload, which means they can handle more intensive use cases such as multiple users accessing files simultaneously or running applications directly on the NAS. They also come with a longer warranty period, which can provide peace of mind if you're using your NAS for critical data.

That being said, if you're using your NAS for regular file storage and don't anticipate a heavy workload, the regular WD Red or IronWolf drives should be sufficient. They still have the necessary features for use in a NAS and are generally more affordable than the "Plus"/"Pro" versions.

In terms of reliability, both WD Red and IronWolf drives have a good reputation for durability and are backed by solid warranties. It's always a good idea to monitor your drives using tools like Synology's Storage Manager and to have a backup strategy in place to protect against data loss.

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