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Synology for photos and occassional Plex

Hi! I've been going through your articles and YT videos and oh my, what a great content do you produce! Thank you for all of that. I've been looking into getting a Synology NAS for use at home. I currently have QNAP TS219p II, which is very old and doesn't support backup to Backblaze nor Plex anymore. QNAP system is a bit convoluted and from what I gather, a Synology would be a better choice for me, especially that it supports live photos from Apple devices. Anyway, I need a simple NAS to be used at home, mostly to serve as my photo archive. I also plan on using Plex a bit, but it's second priority. I was thinking 220+, 720+ or 723+, with the latter being a bit too expensive for me. I'd prefer to spend ~400, maybe 500 EUR. Where I live, the 220+ is 340 EUR, the 720+ is 450 EUR and 723+ is 550 EUR. I have a notion that 223+ would be great for me if only it was already available. What is your advice?
Given your priorities of photo archive and Plex usage, the Synology DS220+ would be a good option for you, especially if you're trying to stay within a budget of 400-500 EUR. It's affordable, has good performance and will fulfill your basic needs. The DS720+ might be a better option if you're looking for more performance and have a slightly higher budget, but the DS220+ should suffice for your use case. If you have more budget and are interested in the best possible performance, you can consider the DS723+, but it might be a bit expensive for your budget.

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