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I have a DS1513+ with 4-20tb drives and one 16-tb drive, Western Digital Pro Red. I need to upgrade for additional space/drives. My primary use is pc backup and media server. I was thinking of the DS1821+, but have been waiting to see if a 23+ will be available.

Anyhow, to my question, it looks like my drives won’t be compatible, thank you synology. What is the best alternative and/or would a newer synology work with these drives.
Thank you,
Yes, those drives are supposed to work in plus series NAS. Synology made a promise to only add restrictions on XS series models. But you may get a warning message that drive is not found on the list. Sometimes the same drive has a different serial number and therefore warning would come up.
DS1821+ is a good NAS (ds1823+ is not on our radar).

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