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Which NAS is right for me?

Dear adressee!

I have been looking for the right NAS solution for me for a very long time. I do videography and photography. Which one(s) would be the right choice for me?

Thank you in advance for your answers!
Many people choose Thunderbolt NAS like TVS-872XT and 88X series so they can edit directly from this storage device. 
These models come with nvme cache/storage slots. This allows editing on SSD volume and  HDD RAID can be used for backups/ project storage.
Also having 10GbE connections allows collaboration. Multiple people can work on the same projects. Having dual port 10G is useful if you have more editors editing 4k. Otherwise single 10g or Thunderbolt port is enough. You should aim at 300MB/s per editor. 
DS1621xs+ would also allow similar performance. You can connect via 10gbe, thunderbolt at the same time while other LAN ports are connected to your switch/router for internet access and access to other workstations in the network. 
I hope this helps.

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