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Upgrade from DS412+

Hey there,
I'm thinking about upgrading from my very old DS412+. It currently has 4 x 3.6TB drives in it set up in Synology Hybrid RAID with a back up external USB drive connected to it. I have it in the loft with my main home 1GB network switch and have wired cat6 cable to the modem, kitchen, lounge and home office. I used to run Plex server off it, but will be getting a new Mac mini that will run the Plex server. The new NAS can focus on media storage for Plex, and picture storage for my astrophotography projects.
Main use therefore, would be editing media from my Mac mini in the home office, or pushing media files to the apple tv's in lounge and kitchen via the Mac mini Plex server.

I'm wondering if I should go for another Synology (like 420+, Ds920+ or even the 418) as it will be easier to just move the drives over, or if I should bite the bullet and copy everything out and move to something like a Qnap?


Yes, you could move drives to a new NAS. DS920+ is a very multimedia-friendly option. But if you prefer to have 10GbE connection, you may consider ds923+. Especially if Plex server is on a PC. Qnap is quite different. But if used only for storage there not much to learn about it.
Here is a comparison that might help

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