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Best NAS for document storage and photography

I currently have the QNAP TS-431P. I use Lightroom and have the original images stored on the NAS with the Lightroom catalogue stored on the Macbook Pro. I have an issue with lightroom losing the NAS and not being able to find the originals. I then have to re-establish the path in Lightroom to continue editing. This happens frequently.

QNAP has told me that my old NAS might not be up to the task, but they were not very clear on what they would recommend using.

My plan is to keep documents and photos on the new NAS and use the current NAS for backing up the new NAS and Time Machine.

What NAS would you recommend?
Yes, this is a very weak NAS. But technically it should not drop the connection.
Maybe consider Synology DS920+ which is good for multimedia. Or maybe ds923+ if you ever consider getting 10GbE speeds.

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