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Photography - Processing RAW NEF files

I produce about 1 TB per year in NEF files (raw photos off Nikon camera) around 38 MB per file, that need to be processed in software on an iMac. With the internal HDD filling up quickly, I want to move the main saving location to an external HDD. I have a Verbatim (Model #47512) "shoe" that can house a SATA HDD, connected to the iMac over USB cable. What HDD would you recommend? Speed of writing to the drive is not a major need: Far more importantly, I need to be able to process these photos in software (I use Capture One) while they are sitting on that HDD connected over USB, and get no "drag" as much as possible. Thanks a lot!
I would recommend ds923+/ ds723+. These are ver good performance NAS models. Also adding 10gBE card would mean you could achieve USB speeds via LAN.
You also get photo organising app Photos with AI built in. Quite good stuff.

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