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I have studied for years QNAP NAS, ever time I get ready to purchase I find something new. I was getting ready to purchase the ts 451+ , then l saw your review of the QNAP TBS-453D. I really like the size and portability.

I have read, watched all reviews I could find on the QNAP TBS-453D. My question are:
1. What is the release schedule for this device?
2. What drives would you recommend?
3. Have you verified that 16 g of ram works?

My use case is home use, multimedia, photos, and music. Family is working on genealogy, Family photo library, creating digital images via scanner of all old photos.

Look forward to your response, will purchase in the next 30 days unless new release expected soon.

Qnap TBS-453DX was discontinued soon after its release. It was a good spec NAS, but people found it too complicated to install M.2 SSD. It also was too expensive to get a decent capacity. So they released an alternative: HS-453DX. And also at the end of the year, new TS-453D might come out. Recommended drives will be WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf. And all of these can be expanded to 16GB RAM if you do need this much RAM.I hope this helps.

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