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NAS for Plex

you make a good job and it is important to have someone who fights with all these offerings.
I have the 418play but I need a new one, one, with which I can also work on with my own made videos.
My problem is, that in all your recent tests I can not find a good solution or successor of my 418play. (only the overpowered ones with an i9 processor I don't want because of the heat and energy they waste), let alone price.
So, which NAS can you recommend for being and excellent 418play successor for encoding and also be fast/good enough for cutting videos on the NAS?
Kind regards and thanks
There is only DS920+ that could replace play series. But even this model is now hard to find. Synology are moving away from home market towards business.
Qnap Celeron-based models such as 64 series is a good alternative.

I hope this helps.

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