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DS923+ vs Ds920+

I need to change my DS218+, and I am hesitating between the DS920+ or the DS923+.

My use cases are mostly:
- Home cloud storage: files, photos, WordPress website
- Plex and multimedia storage

I mostly watch videos through my Apple TV 4k, and I also like to use Plex on my iphone/ipad while traveling like I am using Netflix.

I am concerned about not having hardware transcoding with the 923+, but I am not sure I will need it when watching videos with an iPhone/iPad.

Would you be able to guide me a bit?

If you download those video on your phone before the travel, then there is no streaming happening from your NAS. You can go for either of those models.
I would prefer to run a website using ds923+. It has a CPU that can handle this better. But again both options are good.
You can also use Plex offline transcoding function which generates an additional file for remote streaming.

I hope this helps.
Thanks Ed. And when using the Apple TV 4k at Home, a GPU is not needed to make Plex work better?
As long as your apple tv supports those video files. The list is quite long in its spec sheet.

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