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Hello, I am thinking of buying a NAS for home use. The purpose is to use it to store local user data, some Docker containers and some multimedia (music and movies).
The idea is to buy one with 4 bays and install 2 HDDs (RAID 1) of at least 10TB and in a year expand it with another 2 HDDs (RAID 5).
I'm looking at these models:
- Synology DS923+
- QNAP TS-464-4G
- QNAP TS-462-2G (because of its lower power consumption and lower price)
There are no reviews on the internet about the latest NAS and you don't talk about it on your website or on YouTube. Is the TS-462 a poor quality NAS?

Sorry to have to use Google translate, I don't speak English.

Thank you,
Qnap TS-462 is a dual-core Celeron-based NAS. It is a good choice. We simply have not received a sample to review. It is a replacement for older 51D series.
DS923+ is not good for streaming media remotely. Only local use.
TS-464 is a quad core version compared to 462 model. If you plan on running VMs/docker , these two extra core will be handy.
If you can, go for quad core option. But it will work with dual core too. Just that one thing at the time.

I hope this helps.

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