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What NAS to get (ds923+ vs DS920+)

I am currently running a ds216J that i got second hand as i wanted to play around with a NAS to see what I can do. I have had this for 2 years now, I use it for a plex server which only contains and probably will only ever contain 1080p content for the foreseeable future, this is only and issue when i go to play the content on my phone and some TV's that I come into a can't transcode issue which can be quite an issue sometime preventing me from using plex. I also use it for general important documents to ensure they won’t be lost and for family photos which i use synology photos for currently. I want an upgrade as i currently have 2x 4Tb HDD running SHR and want the option to increase storage down the line without replacing any drives but more importantly i want something with some more power to be able to run docker containers to attempt to run a password manager, a few security cameras in house and to run some smart home devices and NFC triggers and a few other scrips. I would also want to be able to run this as a Minecraft server sometime, if possible, on hardware at this price. It will normally only be one person accessing it at once but maybe 2 plex streams at the same time. I have been looking at the DS920+ for some time now but with their new release of the ds923+ i am unsure what to pick as i have never used dockers contains or security cameras before as they are not supported on my current NAS so have no idea how many resources they require. so do not know if i should go for the DS923+ with its higher clock speed and therefore more powerful, or if i should go with the DS920+ as it has a IG for plex (but am unsure if that is even needed for 1080p content) or its additional CPU cores to help run do multiple applications at once. Also, to note I do not require crazy read and write speeds I am happy running it with a 1Gbe connecting assuming that connection can manage these things listed above simultaneously (for the most part). I have also been looking at the QNAP ts – 464 as it seems like a better choice compared to the DS920+ but come to the same issue of the clock speed and IG as before but also because of the software as I am used to DSM and use a lot of their apps and well as it is easy to use but the QNAP is without a doubt the best choice for me I am open to using it.
Any information and help you can give me towards making this choice would be much appreciated and thank you for the content you produce it is extremely informative.
Yes, there are so many people with the same dilemma. DS920+ does have a transcoding engine. This is very handy when you need to access multimedia remotely or on devices that do not support few codecs. DS923+ is powerful enough to transcode 1080p even without a graphics chip. But you will need to use all CPU power to do it. DS920+ performance will not be affected when converting videos. If you run a docker or VM at the same time of the streaming, this could be quite annoying. Docker would slow down. Otherwise, with single task at the time, this is not an issue.
you can see them in action here
And ds920+ here

The overall docker/ VM performance is around 20% faster on a new model. But in real life situation the speed increase is not very noticeable as it would be with Intel core i3 based NAS.
When adding NVMe caching, bot NAS performance can be improved.

If you do not need 10gbe, you will find older model cheaper.

Qnap 64 series is very similar in performance. If you decide to switch the brand, there are few learning curves around their software. Once configured, it is a good solution, too.

I hope this helps.

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