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Dell XPS-8900 Plex Server vs Synology DS920+ or DS1520+

I am currently running plex media server on my Dell XPS-8900 pc with the following specs:
Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01 GHz
16 GB Ram
Windows 10Pro, 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor.

I have tried to tweak different settings within PMS to allow my system to serve as a viable PMS. At times, I continue to get buffering when watching videos that are either in 1080P less when watching on my home network (ethernet cable). I have watched the system dashboard and my system does not seem to ever be really ever taxed but yet I get buffering on occasions. I also get messages at time that my Network is not fast enough; I restart my client player and then it starts playing the file correctly again. When I look at Synology DS920+ or the DS1520+ units that seem to have great reviews acting a PMS, they seem to have hardware specs that don’t match what I am currently running even though my system is about 6+ years old.

So my questions to you are:
Why would a Synology DS920+ unit be expected to run better than my current PC? Just trying to make sure I don’t invest in a mid-level nas system and still have buffering due to other issues in my set-up that are the root cause of my inability to run any content without local streaming. i.e. is there another way to test my network to confirm my PC media server is the actually bottle neck or not?

Does the DS1520+ add anything that is meaningful vs the DS920+ for a Plex Media Server?

Synology NAS will not perform better than your i7 Dell PC. It is strange that you experience buffering with 1080p. This CPU can transcode 4k.
Streaming locally should have no buffering at all. Unless your TV or other streaming device do not support that video files and it needs to be converted.
You could rather install GPU card such as gtx1050 or similar for transcoding.
When you open Plex settings, make sure you have chosen option - make my CPU hurt. This should make full use of the CPU.

I hope this helps.

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