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NAS Configuration

I am considering setting up a NAS system for Video Editing. I work on a multitude of projects from Social Media to Feature films. I'm currently working on various external drives. Now that I have about 5o or so different HD floating around (1Tb-24Tb), I want to consolidate most of them into one source. I was for the longest time considering the Sandisk Shuttle XL but noticed that I can build out a NAS system for half the cost (if not less), but I'm not familiar with a NAS system setup. There are a lot of variables that I am unsure of. In my research, for video editing, everyone seems to point to Synology DS1621/1821, which has a few nice expansion units. I'm thrown however by the 10Gb ether cards, they have 4 for the device, no idea which is best. Not to rattle on about the device I'm leaning towards considering I'm still budgeting. Considering I'm working with everything from 1080p to 4k and I am still unsure about the throughput with 4k files (but I'll probably work mostly with proxies) and I am also confused with the cache and how that could affect my workflow, does it need to be added/upgraded? What would be the best raid setup for video editing?

I'm mainly working on a MacPro 2019, (96Gb ram/1Tb SSD/3.2GHz 16 core Intel Xeon W processor/Two Radeon Pro W5700X) I have various other computers that will be connecting, Macbookpro an iMac, and possibly one windows machine.
Many people choose Thunderbolt NAS like TVS-872XT and 88X series so they can edit directly from this storage device. 
These models come with nvme cache/storage slots. This allows editing on SSD volume and  HDD RAID can be used for backups/ project storage.
Also having 10GbE connections allows collaboration. Multiple people can work on the same projects. Having dual port 10G is useful if you have more editors editing 4k. Otherwise single 10g or Thunderbolt port is enough. You should aim at 300MB/s per editor. 
DS1621+/ 1821+ would also allow similar performance. You can connect via 10gbe, thunderbolt at the same time while other LAN ports are connected to your switch/router for internet access and access to other workstations in the network. 
​​​​​​​SSD cache is only useful for HDD speed boost. But it does help with video editing.
Most of the people prefer to create SSD RAID for editing which has much better access speeds - IOPS.

I hope this helps.

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