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2.5 GBPS Planning

Love your videos and I am a member of your channel. I have recently watched a number of videos on the 2.5 gbps ports and how they could more than double my throughput speed. But, in all the video's I have watched, no one explains what a home user needs to do in the real world to be able to take advantage of the higher speed ports - aside from buying a new switch with the 2.5 gbps ports. In my home I have a suppled AARIS modem that has the standard 1gb port and puts out a speed of up to 100 gbps. And I have a 6 port switch that can handle speeds up to 100 gbps . All of the articles that I've read seem to say that that speed is sufficiant for a family of 4 with multipe divices connected and for streaming video. But how can I take advantage of my new 4 bay QNAP NAS that came with two 2.5 gbps ports if my internet providers modem only has ports deliverting speeds up to 100 gbps. What do I have to do next so that my new NAS is taking advantage of the two 2.5 gbps ports? And what do I plug the two NAS ports in to to make them work? At the moment I have one of the two NAS ports plugged into my 100 gbps ports on the switch which is then connected to my Google Mesh router which is then connected to my ARRIS DG3270 modem.
Hoping you can help ?


In order to take advantage of your 2.5GbE ports, you need to upgrade your switch and computer LAN port if you connect via the switch. You will need a smart switch to combine 2.5G ports. Here is one option QSW-2104-2T. You will also need Server OS and dual 2.5G port card on your computer. This is not an easy setup.
I would recommend managed 10gbe switch. This will allow you to combine 2.5Gbe ports to connect to the switch. And then have 5GbE or 10gbE output to your PC.
Something like this QSW-M2108R-2C

I hope this helps

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