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NAS for data storage and remote access via PC/phone

Hello there,

first of all thank you so much for creating this great content. It is incredible usefully to me an many other poeple, I appreciate what you are doing very much.
I am looking to buy a new NAS. It is just for data storage and remote access via PC/phone in a home (none buisness) enviroment, maybe a bit of mediaserver. So nothing to fancy.
Espacially i am looking for a Terramaster F2-223 at the moment. I can find nothing about the softwaresupport, most important securtiy updates.
Is there any chance you have any experiance from the past how long Terramaster/QNAP/Synology is usually delevering Softwareupdates/Securitypatches for there products. Since the end of security patches will be also the "end of lifetime" for a device wich is used for remote access, i would be very useful to know how the diffrent companys differ in this point.

Thank you so much for answering, maybe this Inforamtion would be also useful for other potential buyers.

Thanks and have a good time
If you need something secure, then Synology will do a good job. You can go for budget multimedia NAS DS218play or their flagship model ds220+ / ds720+
Other brands like Qnap and Terramaster might need a little bit of configuration
Security update are released regularly and you can allow automated updates.
Connecting remotely to your NAS in a secure way can be done via VPN. If you don't know how to set it up, go for Synology and their Quickconnect service.

I hope this helps.

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