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SSD only NAS

After a recently horrific experience with Drobo of late i am looking to replace my NAS system... my CTO made the recommendation to go with SSD storage instead of HDD for this occasion so i am looking for SSD only NAS options - i found a review of yours from 2019 but cannot find much more reviews / comparisons / recommendations so am seeking a few pointers. NAS will predominantly be used for storage of my photos (i shoot in a semi professional capacity outside fo the day job). I'm not particularly technical so need something that i can set up and not worry about.
It can be very confusing to choose the right NAS when there are so many options out there. But there are few things that can simplify the decision. 
One thing to check is artificial intelligence and how your media will be organized and filtered. Are there photo GEO location filters, face and object recognition. This is something you can get used to with Facebook photo galleries.
And secondly the app quality. Not only do you get a wide range of apps on the NAS itself, but also apps for personal computers and mobile phones.
Synology value series models will take care of your photos, videos and movies as long as you stick with built-in apps. Plus series models will also offer extras such as upgrades, expandability and more professional apps. Qnap in comparison also have the P series and their Celeron based models. 
You can use USB port for external HDD and SD card backups. This will be the fastest way to transfer files. 
I would look at ds220+/720+/ds420+/ds920+ models. These models will be faster while processing images with AI. Also, they are more future proof and feature-rich options. 

I hope this helps.

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