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2023 Synology 6-bay with intel chip likely?

Hi! Thank you so much for all the info on your site and the free advice! You guys are doing a fantastic and super appreciated job! I have a 4-bay Syno 918+ for my home media, PCs backup and plex (local only), itself backed up on a 2-bay Qnap plus online cloud. I am thinking about upgrading the Syno to a 6-bay Intel quad-core NAS and using the 918+ for its backup. Right now my two options are the Qnap 664 and 653. Since I'm not in a rush, I wonder if I should wait in hope that Synology replaces the 620Slim or recalibrates the non-plus line for the home/Soho enthusiast. Given the stronger corporate focus of the Plus line (wit Ryzen...), I am hopeful that there might be better (and cheaper?) options including a 6-bay model. What are your thoughts? Would this be after CES? Thanks again!
Synology seem to move their focus away from home market. I would not hold any hopes.
But Qnap retrospectively do focus very much on home market and multimedia. Their new 64 series NAS is indeed a great choice.
Otherwise for remote plex streaming people seem to prefer 73A series.

I hope this helps.

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