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The right 5 or 10 Gbit ethernet Thunderbolt adapter

I'm getting a Synology 923+ with the 10 Gbit card, and looking for the optimal way to connect my macbook and iMac to it.

I've noticed current 10 Gbit Thunderbolt offerings (like SONNET Solo10G) are both bulky and getting warm (more battery usage etc too). In computer hardware terms they have been on the market for a while.

Is is likely a new generation chipsets will hit the market soon to enable new product to run cooler and more energy efficient?

If not, It's also interesting to look at cheaper 5 gbit solution meanwhile, but they need to be 5 real Gbit, and the ones I've seen, like the one from Qnap, is from my understanding limited by USB 3.1 speeds. Unless I've missed out on something.

Any thoughts or loose predictions on this is very much appreciated! Thanks!

Qnap Thunderbolt 10GbE adapters are not limited to USB speeds. It is actually the best adapter out there.
Here are few other ones listed

I hope this helps.

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