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5 or 6 Bay Thunderbolt/USB-C DAS

Looking for a simple replacement for my Drobo 5D which is connect to my new Mac Studio desktop.
Will be used as direct attached storage for 20TB+ of RAW format photos.
Must have a high transfer speed.
Need to be able to connect the existing Drobo for transfer of current files.
Would prefer the latest and greatest Thunderbolt connectivity or USB-C.
Will not be streaming from or remotely accessing any of these files.
Do not need any sort of app or mobile connectivity.
There are quite few options. There is no other DAS that allows different size drive mixing though.
Choosing a hardware RAID based box would achieve better speeds compared to software RAID. But it is a personal choice.
Our favourites are from Arica, Pegasus and maybe Netstor.

I hope this helps.

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