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Kingston Fury Renegade with Sabrent HS for PS5

I am interested in getting a 2tb Kingston Fury Renegade with graphene heat spreader for my PS5 and combining it with a Sabrent heatsink for PS5. Do you have any experience with the Kingston Fury Renegade? Would the graphene heat spreader and the added heatsink be overkill or would it be ill advised to use them both? I also wonder because of additional heat spreader on the SSD would it not fit properly with the Sabrent PS5 heatsink? I appreciate any feedback you might be able to provide.

I also have been watching your YouTube videos and I want to thank you for your great content. You are very knowledgeable and the information you provide is very well explained. Great work and thanks again.
Normally I would choose one or another. The heat is not a big issue. But if you go for a dedicated heatsink, I would not use a heat spreader, allowing the heatsink to serve as this heat spreader.

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