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Use of Shucked drives in RAID 6

Good morning,

I was looking at upgrading my discrete external storage solution with a NAS. I have acquired 6 8TB WD Elements drives (new), these have 4 WD80EMZZ and 2 EDBZ drives in them (bought at same time/vendor so surprised they are different). The EMZZ are 5640 and EDBZ are 7200 rpm. Specs look similar to Plus's and Pro's respectively based on model numbers

I was considering a Raid 6 system, most likely on the Gen 2 Asustor.

My use case is mainly secure backup (hence raid 6) of photos and documents. Sharing across a number of PCs. Also ideally backing up Iphones etc.

a). Is the used of the shucked drives OK for RAID 6
b). Any issues with the 2 types in same system (was planning on separating the two 7200 drives (say slots 1 and 6) to spread heat dissipation.
c). Do Asustor historically discount on black Friday as I haven't seen any offers?

I would have gone for REDs, but the above popped up at an absolute bargain..


Yes, so many people choose to have shucked drives in their NAS. It is simply much cheaper.
It will work. But if you get SMR drives, this might significantly slow down RAID rebuild times if one drive crash.
Having a RAID6 is beneficial in this case. People also choose RAID10 which can rebuild quickly even with SMR drives.

I hope this helps.

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