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First time buyer for a new NAS

So I'm looking to purchase a well 2 nas for the first time one for basically running it like a cloud storage to send files online to clients and have multiple people access it so I can send the files remotely and the second one is going to be the main storage and possibly to run things off if necessary so my budget rounding up is about $3,000 but it's definitely going to be less than that.

The first drive is for multiple people to access I'm trying to get that as cheap as possible because the entire goal for that one it's for multi-access just to send and transfer files remotely and maybe send messages if that's possible.

The second one I'm trying to get it future proof as best as possible because that's going to be my main storage and I plan on using that one for years so I need it to possibly be upgradable I run a videography photography business and I'm having issues with my portable hard drives so I need a better solution.

With the first drive, I plan on getting a Synology because they said that one's very easy to start and get going so the models I'm looking at are the DS923+, DS720J, DS723+, DS220+, and the DS218

With the second NAS I decided on the QNAP TS-h973AX 9-bay

I know I said my budget is $3,000 but I'm trying to go way cheaper than that and I'm not trying to buy that many hard drives right now I want to upgrade it as I'm moving forward.

So with that being said if you can maybe give me some more advice and some alternative options I definitely appreciate it also I run an at-home business so the storage is going to be used at a home location
Yes, you are on the right path. DS218 or DS220J would be the cheapest dual bay NAS models. Plus models such as DS220+/ DS720+ already give few extras like virtual machines, snapshots (file version control) and so on. You may not need these extra features for a cloud storage solution. But if you can afford plus series, this will be a more future proof investment.
TS-h973AX is a lovely all in one NAS solution that includes NVMe storage and 10GbE connection. Perfect for video editing and fast file transfers.
If you may need 4k transcoding feature than TVS-873A allows GPU card upgrades as well as 10gbe cards.

I hope this helps.

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