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AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B vs R1600 benchmark

Watched a lot of your reviews and understand the benefit of a DS920+ with a dedicated GPU... I have a DS918+ currently. However I would like to upgrade to a minimum of 6 storage bays, plus I am invested in Synology DS + VSM, hence not keen to swap to another platform. Given those constraints I am trying to work out which the AMD Ryzen Embedded processors (V1500B or R1600) is the strongest? I cannot find any R1600 benchmark information so wonder you have that info or if this would be a good topic for YouTube? thanks, Peter
It depends on how you look at it. V1500B single core is around 10% slower compared to R1600 single core. This dual-core R1600 can burst up to 3.10GHz. So, if you create a virtual machine with a dedicated single core, this R1600 CPU will perform better. But V1500B can allow up to 8 virtual machines compared to other CPU. So if you created 4 virtual machines for each CPU (V1500B with double thread VS R1600 with a single thread), you would get twice as fast a virtual machine compared to the dual-core model. Overall performance with Quad-core CPU is 50% faster. 

I hope this helps.

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