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920+ or 923+ for me?

I currently have a DS920+. It was recently replaced with a Synology refurbished DS920+. How are Synology's refurbished products?

I can't decide whether to keep it, buy a new DS920+, or buy a new DS923+.

I use the NAS mainly for file storage and backup. I have a few hundred thousand photos and many small videos in 1080p from my cell phone. I use Synology Photos. I'm planning on setting it up again to share photos. Other than that, I may stream music or a video at times.

I've watched the comparison videos from you guys and others as well. I just can't decide what to do. What do you all think?

DS920+ is still their best NAS, even though DS923+ is out.
People only consider a new NAS if they need 10GbE connection. And if they do all media streaming locally at home. Remote streaming is not quite possible with 4k files.
Even if you have a refurbished ds920+ it is still only 2 years old. It is a good NAS.

I hope this helps.
Do most people agree with this statement? I watched the video from the site owner and the web guy and I'm not sure now lol. ? I just want to stream here and there possibly. More interested in using Photos for tons of photos. Will the 920 generate thumbnails and index photos faster? Thanks
If anyone has any thoughts please let me know. Thanks

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