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Best RS Unit for Music Storage (Midi / Audio)

Greetings Robbie,

Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and advice when it comes to NAS Compares. I really have learned a lot from listening to you and I really enjoy your channel! Smile

I am a pianist and composer here in Nashville, TN, and I am currently running a PC, Windows 10, 64 GB RAM. I am wanting to find a way Robbie of backing up my Midi and Audio Files (Cubase 11) and for my sheet music Dorico 3.5. I currently have a Glyph Drive that is in my rack, which is right below my Steinberg MR816X Audio interface. However, I can't find any manufactures that can mount the new Glyph Drives in my rack.

I could maybe use 1TB on each of the 4 Drives. So, right now, I don't need a lot of space, but as I begin making audio files for Music Libraries for tv and film and to continue with my own solo piano compositions, I want to make sure I have a secure system in place. Not only for backup, but also for networking if need be when working with other composers.

I am new to the world of NAS, but I have seen a couple of musicians on YouTube, and I think they both were using the DS920+ from Synology. I was looking at the RS822+ which is the 4 bay. I like the price, but was not sure if this would work for what I am needing it to do? I believe you mentioned in the RS822+ video that it wouldn't be the best for multimedia? And that it only goes to 2GB Memory?

There is also the RS1221+ which can expand the memory a little more. I wasn't sure if this would be a better option or not? Might be over kill with the 8 bays. But, was trying to find a way to not only back up my midi, sheet music, and audio files, but also my system drive on my PC? I have watched a video on YouTube about swapping out the fans on this unit to make it quieter, but then the temperature getting a little warmer on these? Plus that might work against me when it comes to my warranty?

One other thing Robbie, if I went with the RS 1221+ or the RS822+ I wouldn't be able to use the rack rails. My audio interface and my TASCAM CD-RW900 MKII just screw in on my audio workstation. There is just 4 bolts holding each of those units in place. Are the clamps, or the brackets that screw into the Synology rack units plastic or are they metal? If plastic, would the plastic brackets support the unit? I wouldn't need the handles like on the RS822+ and wasn't sure if those are just extra or if there would be another option of holding the unit in place.

Granted, I know I could use a desktop system, but do like the idea that I could get a rackmount unit. Just wasn't sure though what my best course of action would be for what I am needing it for.

Thank you so much!Smile
When we mention multimedia, we usually mean video files. Synology all NAS models support a wide range of audio files. Any of your mentioned NAS models would work.
The real question is the speed you want to achieve. Having 1Gbit LAN is fast for multimedia use case. But if you like, you can get a rack with PCie slot that allows 10gbe upgrade.

Synology is a great choice for backing up Windwos-based systems, This includes system drive backup and individual folders.
Synology Drive app is similar to Dropbox. This will allow you to collaborate with other people.

Changing fans should technically not affect system temperature or warranty, but if you have a rack cabinet and delicate room (or maybe a silenced cabinet) sound should not be an issue.

RS422+ and RS822+ are both good options.

You get a choice between sliding and fixed rails that need to be purchased separately. But you may as well go for some DIY solution.
RKS-02 RKM114

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your support, this keeps us going.

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