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Best choice for home use NAS


I was doing some research on buying a NAS for my home use. This is my first NAS purchase and I'm pretty new to the world of NAS. As of now, I am thinking of using it for storing my media (and host it via Plex), a couple of docker containers with my own services, home-assitant and probably pi-hole and my plan is to buy a four bay system and add four 8TB drives to start with. My media library does have a lot of 4K HEVC content, so the new AMD based Synology NAS don't seem to be the best option. I had finally shortlisted Synology DS920+ and QNAP TS-464. I need your help in choosing one of these two. I am a software developer, so I am okay with having not so friendly UI to interact with the system and keep my system up to date. I have listed my thoughts regarding both below.

Synology DS 920+:
- Tried and tested solution, been in the market long enough to know it is reliable
- DSM looks pretty user friendly
- Good discounts available these days

- 1gbe connectivity seems slow
- Future proofing maybe an issue because it is an old model

QNAP TS-464:
- Connectivity looks amazing
- Better processor

- Availability (it is not listed in yet)
- Security issues (Although I can try to keep my system up to date, the number of times QNAP gets attacked is worrisome)

Regarding the security of QNAP systems, would it help if I use cloudflare tunnels to expose my Plex and other services outside my network? I feel that the connectivity of DS920+ is really bad. I don't want to spend more on costly managed switches and use link aggregation, but I like everything else about it.

What is your suggestion for my usecase?

Good post. I'm comparing the same two myself. I do see the QNAP TS-464 available on Amazon (can't post the link). It's currently $549, with Amazon as the seller.
Yes, Qnap is surely a better choice for multimedia. Qnap is also more configurable compared to Synology.
With few steps you can make it more secure then Synology - check here
When exposing it to the internet, make sure you have a separate shared folder and user for Plex. This way, someone hacks your Plex account, they have no admin rights and an option to do any harm to the NAS apart from this one multimedia folder.
Otherwise use Plex subscription and their relay server. No open ports.
I hope this helps.

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