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Need help deciding on a NAS for my use

I am a bit of a tech noob, but I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube.

I am looking to purchase an NAS for home use with some home business (photography) use as well. This is triggered by my decision to move away from Google Drive and Google Photos after their recent changes and the plethora of portable hard drives that I keep juggling.

Primary purposes are mostly personal:
1. Storing and backing up critically important documents, and working on them directly from within the house. This has to be fail-safe.
2. Simple document editor functions and advanced spreadsheet capability.
3. Share specific folders to other users within the house. Share specific folders/documents to external users for collaboration.
4. Storing photos and videos shot on mobile. Searching by person, and accessing from a Smart TV.

Secondary purposes:
1. Connect 6x Eufy indoor cameras and view realtime streams
2. Store videos and events recorded from camera for 7-10 days.
3. Small business: Store RAW files and share a portion of this to external users.
4. Do all above from mobile e.g. when remote.
5. Store Movies I own. Consolidate media subscriptions and stream content to a Smart TV.

I have 3 TB personal data, and I expect this to grow at 0.25 TB per year - this is my primary storage and backup need. I have 6 TB small business data, and I expect this to grow at 0.5 TB per year. I am very wary of sharing or exposing data on the internet.

Prioritising personal use, I am considering Synology DS920+ or DS923+ with two or three 8 TB hard drives to start. This would be fairy expensive coming in at $230 a pop not including the cost of the NAS - I have been seeing reviews of the 923 and it looks like we'll see a mad rush for 920 soon. Honestly, I am conflicted, as I want something long-term and I am not a power media user.

What is your recommendation? Should I get VPN, Plex, Firewalls? And finally, what should I do with the multiple portable SSDs and Hard disks that I have?
Yes, ds920+ would be a perfect solution for all this except Eufy. This company do not allow other brands to access the recording. They only allow their own hard drive like this
If you want to run surveillance on Synology you need ONVIF compatible cameras.
Synology plus series will allow storing files including multimedia. You can access the locally as well as remotely.
You can restrict access and collaborate with other users.
Additional things like Plex is your choice. But you will get all apps included from Synology themselves.

I hope this helps.

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