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NAS for small social media agency


Love your content. It has helped me immensely throughout my NAS journey.

I am scaling a social media content agency and am looking for a NAS solution. Even though I have done a lot of research, I am still unsure of whether we should buy a NAS that we can do editorial work directly off of, or if we should get a NAS that is for archiving, sharing, and searching through videos content. It's fairly common for me to dig through previous hard drive, transfer old footage to my MacBook, create content from it, and re-archive it on the same external hard drive. If we bought a NAS editors could edit off of directly, it would make it easier to edit old content since we wouldn't need to do that back and forth between the archive storage and the editing station storage. Though we will have editors working remote, so maybe it's best to keep things simple and use the NAS solely for archiving and sharing. I'd love your opinion and would be happy to provide further clarity on the company's current circumstances so we can spec out an optimal solution.

Current best guess solution:
DS1821+ 8-Bay = $1.000
16tb IronWolf: 3x$300 = $900
Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB NVMe M.2: 2x$110 = $220
PCIe 10GbE Expansion Card = $140
Sonnet Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3 to SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (SFP+ [SR] Included) = ~$350
UPS Battery = $200

Do you think this would be sufficient for a small video production / social media content agency? Really appreciate your help

Yes, this plan would work for 1-2 video editors in 4K. For remote editors, things would not change. They would still need to download projects first and upload them back when they have finished the work. But locally 10GbE speeds is all you need. DS1821+ will need an 10GbE expansion card since it comes without it. If you ever needed to increase the performance you could use HDDs bays for SSD media.

I hope this helps.

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