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920+ , 923+ , Qnap

THANKS FOR THE 923+ VIDEO (s)..?Been waiting so long on this. Disappointed in processor choice. QUESTIONS: 1. Should I now buy a 920+? 2. If I did buy a 920+, should i populate it w Synology labeled drives only (nervous about future support)?…3. Do you think Synology will stop supporting the 920+ in general inc updates? …4. Should I consider Qnap? ..5. If so which Qnap model? 6. How can I own a Qnap & make it be secure or is it even possible? My NAS would be connected to Internet all the time and accessed offsite by cell phones often. Videos would be utilized a lot. Thanks in advance.
Yes, the new 23+ series will have no multimedia support. You can as well get USB drive and achieve the same results for a fraction of the price.
Qnap in the meantime will have their victory dance in 2023. Their NAS can be configured to be safe. Maybe they will start reconfiguring them safer from the manufacturing line one day.
In meantime here is how to secure them

I hope this helps.

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