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NAS for 4k

Hi, I'll get to my point.
I need a solid recomendation for a home NAS for regular storage use, photos, videos, PC backups and to store and play my Plex library (I have a plex pass), mostly composed of 1080p and some 4k movies at the moment stored in my laptop.
Is the synology ds920+ capable of directly playing well 4k? I don't need much transcoding, I understand it gets stupidly expensive when there's a need to transcode. I want to watch my movies confortably at home, on my 4k TV. If I'll ever need to go out I'm downloading the movies I need for offline playback, I will rarely stream anything.
I've been trying to wrap my head around NAS technical specifications for 2 years now and everything about plex performnce on NASes is super confusing, that's why I had to ask you. The only thing I know is that I'm sold on synology, I preferebly want to spend less than 500€.
If the ds920+ wont cut it I think I'll wait for a more prosumer oriented NAS from synology, because I was super let dow from your last video about the ds923+.
Thank you, keep up to good work, love your channel, super informative.

PS: don't be hard on the seagulls, they're not that noisy Smile
Yes, DS920+ is on high demand now, since new models is a disaster.
You can easily stream HD and 4K on your local TV if it supports 4k.
If yo do need remote streaming, you can simply use a DS Video app which can handle 4K transcoding.

I hope this helps.

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