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How to run Win98 vm on synology nas

I'm looking to run win98 SE on vm manager, because I have an old PC that I'm afraid might die out soon
Is there any step by step guide I can use to help me install it on my synology
Furthermore, my above mentioned old win 98 PC has a COM port that holds a license dongle which allows me to run a very much needed old software on it
So my point is that I need not only for the win98 vm to run on my synology but also be able to connect the license dongle through a COM to USB adapter to the synology in order to be able to use the old software on the win98 vm.
Note: I am in no way a computer expert so please keep things very simple if possible
Hoping you can help,
Thanks in advance,
I'd suggest watching this great video that Robbie's done as a starting point.

Then have a little read up on this:

But my first advice would be - clone your existing HDD to a spare disc (same size or larger) - that way if the old PC dies, you still have a spare version of it's full operating structure. At the very least take an image backup of your C Drive and store that somewhere else (not inside your old PC).

When it comes to running a VM of Win'98, whilst that's achievable your biggest hurdle could be that COM Port. Since your NAS doesn't have the same ports, you'll be asking the NAS to convert COM to USB. In many cases, the NAS either can't, or the software on the PC requires the actual port and doesn't translate natively to USB.

I had same with a Win XP Laptop and software requiring an rs232 port for diagnostics - even with a port conversion post VM the software running did not translate. In my case the screen had died, but the laptop still worked, so no display. My 'workaround' was to enable remote desktop connections to the old laptop. So I was able to control if from another PC without needing the laptop screen at all.

Whatever software you're running - there's bound to be someone who's tried to VM it before and you could see if it's even possible.

Hope this info has been helpful.
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