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QNAP TS-596L - Keep it or get a new one?

Hello - I have an older QNAP TS-569L NAs - I haven't used it in years - I have 5 2TB Seagate 7200 HDD in Raid = 7.5 TB
My question is I want to build my own cloud storage to share files (Movies - TV Shows etc). Do you think this older unit is still good enough or is it easier to get a new one - I've been looking at a Synology D220+ but it only has 2 bays - So I would have to buy 2 new drives to put in it - Probably 4 or 6 TB - Which would put me around $650 to $700 all in - Any thoughts on what is my best way to go - I appreciate your help - thanks. I did see that all the reviews were saying the Synology software is much easier to configure than QNAP is. Thanks in advance for your answers - Cheers.
Welcome back to the world of NAS - A LOT has changed while you were away.... Check out some of Robbie's youtube videos and skip all that reading to bring yourself up to speed in an entertaining format (just don't mention seagulls).

Your QNAP hits End Of Life for security updates & technical support Oct 22 - so your timing is impeccable. It will still work, but a) your vulnerability will increase and b) you'll need to likely remind yourself how it works & reconfigure, so that's time spent on something you'll have to change before too long.

Honest advice, go for a 4 bay NAS, recycle 4 of the 5 drives you have in either 2 x RAID 1 or RAID5 with a 'hot spare' (seeing as they're getting older). That'll leave you a spare disc you can use for offline backup.

As your storage capacity is used (or disks fail) you can add larger ones & HOT expand your capacity without having to reconfigure, payout upfront, or replace all disks at once.

QNAP would be better for a possible system migration, but Synology would be easier to use and have SHR, which is a virtual RAID enabling maximum disc capacity, unlike traditional RAID).

The 420+ is a great piece of kit for what you need... There is likely going to be a 923+ soon, so that'll either bring the 420+ down in price, or for similar money you could likely an even higher spec for the same money, but that could be overkill for what you're actually going to use if for.

Whatever unit you decide on - look for the NASCompares buyer links for some great deals.

Hope this helps..
-- Raid is not a backup, but it is a step in the right direction --

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