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need info on purchasing a network switch for my home.

wanted to add a network switch from my router to be able to add several network devices such as TV, Security cameras, etc.
The first key questions that will drive your decision would be:
- how many devices do you need to plug in
- do any devices get their Power from the Ethernet socket (common for cameras to need PoE)
- how many ports does your router have - and are they all the same speed
- what speed is your fastest router port
- are the cables you have as fast (or faster) than the ports they plug into at either end

Then you can decide on switches.
Most domestic users can use most Net Gear / TP Link / Edimax switches without having to look too closely at the specs, but if you're frequently transferring lots of data around your network or sending large files multiple times a day, then a little more attention is required.

One you've run the cable from the router to your new switch, if your switch is far enough away you might benefit from an additional wifi access point as well to extend your range.

Watch these before you go hunting - they might answer some questions

Hope this helps.
-- Raid is not a backup, but it is a step in the right direction --

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