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Hi there,

I have had a Readynas 314 for 7 + years now and was just about ready to upgrade. When I realised Netgear are out of the market I definitely knew I had to upgrade.

I will get QNAP or Synology but I'm wavering between the hardware vs software argument of those two brands at the moment.

What I'd like is your opinion on how the Readynas OS compares to QTS and DSM? I have been okay to navigate my way around Readynas and haven't had any issues I couldn't overcome without some internet sleuthing. I'm able to give things a go and learn as I go but I'm not super technical.

I will definitely try out the test OS they offer but wouldn't mind an experts opinion on how they compare.

Leaning towards the TS-664 at the moment...

Thanks for your help.
To get a bit of a feel for the QNAP & Synology systems you can use the Online Live demos (slightly restricted, but well worth a visit) There are different regional versions, so you may need to find the one for you.

Personally, I think all brands of NAS followed a very similar configuration and overall feel to start with. But each has evolved slightly differently. Synology has more of a Tablet / Chromebook / Ubuntu kind of feel to it, more pleasing for the user. Qnap has gone down the function over form route - adding just enough interface to be 'nice' but not enough to give you a warm fuzzy feeling when you log in or are whizzing around. Don't let that simple interface fool you though, it means they've spent longer on new functionality.
For those of a certain age they'll remember when windows did the same from 3.11 to '95 and the introduction of Mr.Clipit.

Considering your current NAS is a Readynas 4 bay - I think you can comfortably choose between either brand regarding hardware, as they will both do something that closely matches your needs. If you were going high end intensive user, the gap starts to widen. So it will all boil down to which feels better. Add to that drives are available in 20TB+ and you could even argue that you could stick with a 4 bay (where there is a wider choice).

The TS-x64 range is New and only marginally outperforms the TS-x53D range - both formidable NAS for home users who want 'a little extra'... So expect some discounts on the latter. If the HDMI port isn't essential, then the TS-673A has better specs, more expandability and an option to add HDMI later. There's another 5 6 bay options in the QNAP range, but watch that price tag rise quite steeply.

Realistically Synology just has 2 to chose from in a comparable spectrum (it's those quad cores that make all the difference).
The DS1621+ or DS1621xs+. One comes with 4GB Ram, the other 8GB - but both expandable to 32. The only real variance between the 2 is the processor, that most would even notice and the number & spec on the Ethernet and PCIe ports.

But I'm guessing if you're still using a ReadyNas that none of the spec differences between any of the mentioned models will matter since they're all a long way ahead of what you're using.

Hope the info has been useful. What ever you decide upon, NASCompares probably has a referral link for you to buy and Robbie will be scanning those Prime & Black Friday deals for your NAS and any new drives, so stay tuned.

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