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UPS Compatibility

I have the Synology DS920+ (having purchased it last year based on recommendations in NASCompares Smile that replaced my older DS214. I purchased the APC UPS (Back-UPS Pro BN1500M2) in 2018 for the DS214 and continued to use it after setting up the DS920+.

I have since learned that the BN1500M2 is not on the Synology Products Compatibility List. I uncovered this when I thought my UPS was not operating properly as part of the graceful shutdown in the event of a power outage.

After much consultation with APC and Synology support, both suggested I replace my UPS with a model on the Compatibility List and I selected the APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500MS2 (sized and recommended based on my load requirements). I have also learned through this process that as part of the graceful shutdown, the NAS never powers off. Instead, when the NAS loses power, the DSM shuts down (as I understand) all the critical apps and resources on the NAS and allows background apps, i.e., the ones when the NAS was fresh out of the box, to remain on until the UPS battery runs out of power.

So with that as my understanding of the interplay between the NAS and UPS, I am wondering if I can use my existing, but not necessarily compatible BN1500M2, or should I keep the new BR1500MS2. The specs are close between the two models.

I'm not familiar with the specs on those UPS, but if, like you say, you have consulted with APC & Synology then you should probably go with their recommendation.

In terms of power outage if there is a capability to alert you via email / Synology mobile app then you would have the ability to shut down completely & safely via remote access (or locally if you are home) - provided your router was also covered by the APC or has it's own fail-over power.

I use a moderately sized solar panel with a charge controller to keep a 12v 70ah leisure battery topped up. There's a relay & fuses that both my power brick & battery plugs into before the NAS & router - both are 12v DC 'after' the bricks coincidentally (so two alternate power sources & two permanent loads).

The relay switches power source to the battery when the grid goes down & then switches back when it resumes (only 1 active source). I get around 14 hrs backup before it totally dies overnight, but that's longer in the day because the sun recharges the battery (slower than it drains though). After which - it all dies.
But for safety, the battery power supply has a 'low voltage' cut out so I don't completely discharge it.

Obviously I know what I'm doing with the electrics and wouldn't recommend you to try it without getting professional advice, but I'm simply suggesting - if your knowledge is deep enough there is usually another way. If not, follow the recommendations you have been given by the experts.

Hope this helps.
-- Raid is not a backup, but it is a step in the right direction --

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