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How to remove the heatsink from the SN850X

Hello, have a lenovo tiny (1 liter case). bought the SN850X but this case is very small and the space for the M.2 SSD drives (2) is pretty small. With the heatskin on, it hits the cover and you cannot close the case. Can you give me good instructions to remove the heatsink? You said you did it, but did not show us how :-)
Robbie did a video on the SN850x back in August ‘21 and briefly describes how difficult it was to remove. Worth a quick look if you haven’t already seen it.

Failing that, I found this link with instructions, but beware, the writer says how tricky it is and recommends not to.

Good Luck !!
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It will not be easy. There is adhesive at the bottom of the SSD. You will need box cutter utility knife to slide under and slowly separate an SSD. Do not bend it.
It is better to send it back and exchange with non heatsink based model to keep the warranty.
Here is more info

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