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Seeking Rackmount Option

I am hoping to get pointed in the direction of a rack mount NAS with CPU capable of transcoding mean. Use case is for a Plex media server for my home network.

I am having trouble finding rack mount options, and there is a lot of debate regarding the ability to transcode 4K, and all that info that is a little overwhelming.

I was interested in the Synology RS422+ but just saw you video cautioning use of that one.

Would you by chance have any recommendations for something that would meet our needs?

Yes, RS422+ comes with dual-core Ryzen. This is a weaker option than the quad-core Celeron they have in the desktop version. Local streaming do not require transcoding unless your TV can not play those videos. If you need remote streaming that involves 4k conversion on the fly, do consider Xeon-based models with a benchmark at lest 8-10K.
Here are few options

I hope this helps.

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