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Repair of Faulty QNAP NAS Server
I have a QNAP NAS Server that has power problems. It wont power on. I want to repair it.
Please advise. Thanks.

Model no : QNAP TS-EC1279U-RP
P/N : 52200-000650-RS
S/N : Q124I01522
There are 2 PSUs on the TS-EC1279U-RP - if either one powers up you should be able to obtain a replacement for the other that's faulty.
The part number is SP-1279U-S-PSU (out of stock at QNAP) and the NAS has been around for some time, so there may be one's for sale 2nd hand where the NAS is faulty but the PSU isn't. It might be cheaper to buy spares / broken NAS from Ebay to take the parts from (plus you'd have some additional spares too).

However, the TS-EC1279U-RP is a 2013 model, so even if you get it working again it's now got an End Of Life support date to only upgrade to QTS 4.3.6 AND will only get security updates to October 2022 (next month).

Unless there is data that MUST be retrieved from the system (shame on you for not having backups) then the best advice would be to replace it with a newer model which will not only come with a warranty, but also be supported for years to come. With all the security news at the moment, you really need a NAS with up to date firmware and regular supported updates.
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