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WD MyCloud Mirror media database not picking up new media files

Hi - not sure if anyone is able to help with this, but I've just started having issues with the media database on my WD MyCloud Mirror, and I'm not sure if it's related to the recent withdrawal of support from WD for these legacy devices.

I've been adding new MP3 and FLAC files to the drive, but they don't appear to be added to the media database I access via BubbleUpnp. It's set to auto re-scan, but I've carried out a couple of manual rescans and I still can't play the files. They're definitely in the folder when I look via the file browser. And I can still play all the mp3/FLACs that I've added previously.

Any help would be much appreciated!


I would recommend trying another DLNA app and make sure if there is an issue with a NAS or the app itself. If you can see files in the folder using your PC and you can also play them locally on a PC, then there should be a software issue on the phone.

I hope this helps.
Thanks, ed. I've tried another DLNA app, and the newly added MP3 and FLAC files still aren't showing up. I've also checked the NAS status and it says the media database has been updated since I added those files.

So I guess it's an issue with the NAS? Any suggestions on what I should do?


If you can, try and see if Plex can be installed. This app also can create a DLNA server which might actually work.

I hope this helps.

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