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NAS for photos backup and share

Hi !
I'm looking for a Synology NAS essentially to backup (from mobile phones) and share photos within the family. I currently own a DS220j and find the Synology Photos App really interesting but way too slow to use.
I understand that this is due to the lack of RAM of the DS220j and I'm looking for a better candidate.
I am orientating towards the DS220+ or the DS720+ but can't decide between these two models (the DS920+ could be also an option ?)

Yes, Celeron-based models will speed up the indexing and metadata building process. This will give you a smoother experience. Having SSD inside those bays would improve access speed by far. Some people also add NVme cache on 720+/ 420+ / 920+ series to achieve the best results. The choice you are facing is dual core versus quad core. If you want to keep if for 10 years go for 4-cores. This will also allow you to run other things simultaneously (video streaming, VMs etc. )

I hope this helps.

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