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Thanks for your youtube videos on SSDs

I gave $61 dollars to Nascompares, becuase of the quality youtube videos about ssd's on ps5. I'm forever grateful.
Thanks buddy!

MASSIVELY APPRECIATED!!!! It's been a long, long road for the channel, to turn it from a hobby to something that I can actually point at and say I am proud of, but even if you factor in the YouTube ads and google assisted adverts on the blog/site, it frankly does not add up to a whole lot (when you factor in the time it takes to just arrange the hardware for a video, let alone recording, editing, producing and eventually presenting on YouTube i.e thumbnails, links, social, etc). I don;t mean to sound churlish and moany - I cannot complain - I am getting to do a job that I like and on a subject I am tremendously interested in. It is jsut tough to subsidise some of these projects, especially the ones that are particularly niche but still wanted. And ALL of this to an audience that, 99% of which, get it effectively free (though of course paying for it with those pre-video ads that YouTube loves oh, so much - 'we are the product' etc), THAT is why I am so incredibly grateful when someone goes out of their way to donate - it is so, SO easy to take all this for granted (we all use videos on YouTube and whatever google leads us to and do not think too much about the cogs that whir in the background)! As of last month, the channel has had 17 million views on 15,000 videos, the blog 15 million 'reads' on 1,250 articles and the free advice section has directly helped 11,000+ users (and undirectly likely hundreds of thousands) - Your donation is going directly back into this and you can definitely contact me directly on email if/when you need personal IT support! Have a fantastic week and thanks again for being awesome!
Have a great week! Did I help? 'Support NAS Passion' or you can also get me a ☕ Ko-fi. Thanks again for your visiting
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