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home NAS recommendation request

Looking for a recommendation on a home NAS server.

My rack:
1. Ubiquity Dream Machin Pro SE with 8TB surveilance footage hard drive, (will store my Unifi Protect camera footage)
2. 48 port enterprise POE switch, all 2.5gbe ports, with 10gbit sfp+ uplinks
3. Internet will be fiber internet 1gbit synchronous

For the NAS, I was planning on:
1. hosting my own email server for my domain (family only... no business case)
2. AdGuard for DNS filtering/tracker filtering 3. Homebridge for connecting all smart devices to Apple Homekit
4. backing up our apple devices and our photos, also photo/video editing for home use only (family albums, etc.)
5. not really sure beyond that what i'll be doing.. but would like a little headroom in case i find something else i'd like to dabble in as far as apps/options on the NAS server.";}
I think at this point you need to decide what data transfer speed do you need for the NAS. It will certainly need to be at least Celeron-based model. If you are happy with 1GbE speed, you can go for models like DS720+/ DS920+. You can also connect bot LAN ports to your switch to increase the speed up to 2Gbit/s. Otherwise, Qnap TS-464 (2/6 bays also available) would come with 2.5GbE ports and an option for 10GbE upgrade. New DS1522+ also has a 10gbe upgrade slot. The next tier up will be Xeon and Amd-based models.
The easiest to set up will be Synology. You can do backups on any NAS. But you will need NAS mentioned above to have extras like snapshots and a full range of backup options.

I hope this helps.

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