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NAS for Nonprofit

Hello! We are a small Nonprofit with a lot of data! We need a robust dual power supply NAS to replace our current synology NAS. Ideally we were thinking of a NAS we can edit video from (Synology SA3400), but its a huge commitment cost-wise. Then we started looking at editing off of our QNAP via thunderbolt and getting the Synology RackStation RS2421+​/​RS2421RP+. We need to evaluate the pros and cons of 10Gb and rewiring our whole office. We also need to decide if we will edit off this new NAS or primarily use it for office files and not worry about editing off of it. This just means we need to come up with a way to sync up our existing QNAP with this new NAS.
If you want to edit straight from the NAS, you will need Xeon-based 10GbE or Thunderbolt-based NAS. Otherwise, you can get Atom or Ryzen-based model. Qnap and Synology can be synced to each other using RSYNC which is built in both of these systems. You can also choose to connect directly via 10gbe without a switch. The remaining LAN ports can be used to connect NAS to a general network.

I hope this helps.

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