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NAS recommendation please

Hi Folks, I have 2 x use cases i am trying to cover. 1. simple backup of laptop, phone, ipad & 2. FCP video edit/back catalogue storage/recovery.

I am just about to run out of space on my rather slow 10Tb Lacie external HDD. I create quite a lot of videos and have been pretty bad at storing/cataloging my back catalogue ofvideos mainly because the external hdd is so damn slow! My camera (GH6) now regularly produces 30Gb files and footage and boy does that slow my workflow to shift from local drive to backup/archive.

Aim is to create as low latency external drive/NAS drive would be better 7 give more future (remote access) options.

I would also like to be able to create a partition to backup my macbook as i do like to refresh/Wipe and rebuild on a relatively regular basis to maximise working space/speed.

Have been thinking about using QNAP TS-h973 (32gb) as a base with 20TB hdd & like the sound of the boost provided by u.2 nvme ssd but only 1 x USB-c! surely in this day and age they'd all be USb-c (bit thats possibly a Mac view).

Im probably going to avoid the Synology due to the Gerald Undone review on the excessive fan volume. The device will live in my office which is where (in Winter) i record the vast amount of my videos. So low db is a must too.

i know there are some new whizzy devices planned for later in the year, so perhaps i should try and eak out my last few remaining Gb and wait?

Would be interested to hear your views on this.

Use case summary:
1 x user
30Gb - 60Gb a week
Lowest latency (10Gb router in place using Cat6 draped cables).
Macbook M1 Pro Max
occasional laptop rebuild
phone backup
couple of MS devices to backup (so NAS preferred)
No media streaming (yet)
Yes, TS-h973 is a popular choice thanks to its future-proof features. Qnap have used all the latest tech in this box such as nvme u.2, 10gbe and fast USB. Video editors choose Qnap 72XT or 88X series since this allows them to connect via Thunderbolt directly instead of Ethernet. USB connectivity is only allowed for external hard drives.
Qnap will support Time machine backups, multi-user file access restrictions, snapshoots, network file storage and sharing as well as phone media backups.

I hope this helps.

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