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replacement for truenas
My hobby website creates a lot of small files 20 million in the last year.
Primary storage is 4TB nvme on the server and using truenas as backup, and another truenas as backup to backup, plus blackblaze backup of backup of backup. My server is connected to truenas with 10G fiber sfp+. Needed fiber because db backup took too long.

My truenas was cobbled together using old server and cheapest drives I could find. I am now fedup with truenas sw. Surprized that the cheap hw is not my problem. Little truenas documentation and forums with hostile attitudes. My z2 pool just disappeared today. So a sign I need something new, maybe a little more professional.

Is there a nas that could take the 4TB nvme as a cache and disks for slow storage and support sfp+ port that is more user friendly than truenas? Also use my truenas as back of backup to this new sas.

You might like Qnap NAS. They support SFP+ and they are fairly user-friendly with support included. Synology do allow upgrading few of their models with SFP+, but they are more restrictive (this is how they maintain their reliability). Synology plus series models (ds1522+ etc ) and Qnap x64 series support NVMe cache (you will need a pair for read+write cache). Other models support NVme caching via PCIe upgrade card or NVme->U.2 adapters (73ax model from Qnap).

I hope this helps.

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