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LOCKERSTOR 6 Gen 2 (AS6706T) Asustor 10gbe Card upgrade Advice

Hello there, first of all id like to say a fantastic to the point NAS Youtube Channel you have, im very new to this NAS and since finding you channel and watching your videos on impulse i brought a nas drive a LOCKERSTOR 2 Gen 2 AS6702T Iv connected this to a mac and pc and works great with 2 8gig ironwolf drives in raid 0. But i would like to buy the 6 bay version with as this can do 10 gbs transfer.
My question is could you advise what 10 Gbs network card on amazon that would be compatible with this LOCKERSTOR 6 Gen 2 (AS6706T)

My current setup is LOCKERSTOR 2 Gen 2 (AS6702T)
2 x 8 TB seagate iron wolf raid 0
2TB Cache Samsung.

I would like to add 2 x 12 , 2 x10 and 2x 8 drives in the new system
what raid setting would suit me .
We run a Youtube Channel ( Bournemouth Jet Washing )
so out 4k camera footage would like to go on on drive and then post edting on another etc.
Hope you have time to read and reply.
So much enjoying you content, cheers.

Ps could i back up my videos direct from youtube ?

Regards Ricky Banjo
Glad to help. Here are few 10gbe cards that they support:
ASUSTOR RJ-45 Copper Twisted Pair AS-T10G2
Intel RJ-45 Copper Twisted Pair I210-T1
Intel RJ-45 Copper Twisted Pair X540T1 & X540T2
Intel RJ-45 Copper Twisted Pair X550T2G1P5
Regarding drives, I would set up 3 individual RAID1s. This will ensure there is redundancy and faster read speeds.

Backing up from YouTube directly would not be possible unless you do this

I hope this helps.

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